Speaker announcement: Marissa Castilone and Monica Montanez


A course for correctional staff, patrol officers, detectives and other law enforcement staff to bring awareness of the female criminal element will be offered at the 2018 conference. Marissa Castilone, an intelligence/gang analyst and Monica Montanez, a parole services associate, both with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, will present the breakout session, “The Evolution of Female Offenders.” Castilone and Montanez will cover the history and trends over time of female incarceration and criminality, drawing on their work in law enforcement that includes security threat group management, gang intelligence, and locating and apprehending dangerous criminals. Their years of experience providing tactical and strategic support to numerous law enforcement agencies will help you transcend your knowledge base and you’ll gain a new awareness of this underestimated population.

Marissa Castilone began her law enforcement career in 2001 with the California Department of Justice. She also worked for the Modesto Police Department and was assigned as an analyst to the Central Valley Gang Intelligence Task Force, a Federal Bureau of Investigations Safe Street Task Force, where she focused mainly on local street gangs.

Castilone is currently working for CDCR’s Office of Correctional Safety’s Special Service Unit. Her focus is on security threat groups within California’s state prison system, gang management policies and procedures, and emerging security threat group trends. She has knowledge and experience as it relates to the Mexican Mafia and how women are utilized by the organization. In the last 17 years, Castilone has provided tactical and strategic support to numerous law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and in numerous small- and large-scale investigations and operations.

Monica Montanez currently works for CDCR’s Division of Adult Parole Operations and is attached to the Correctional Intelligence Task Force. She provides operational and actionable intelligence to assist CDCR parole agents and other law enforcement personnel with locating and apprehending parolees-at-large.

Montanez specializes in parolees-at-large with ties to security threat groups. She also has knowledge of and experience as it relates to Mexican drug trafficking organizations, the Mexican Mafia, and the role women play in these criminal organizations. Montanez’s career spans more than 20 years of providing tactical and strategic support to various law enforcement agencies in many small- and large-scale operations and investigations.


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