Sign up for the WWICJJ Murder Mystery Dinner!

delta king (2) sold out

Thank you for your interest in this event, but we have sold out online. Please check with the registration table to reserve available spots.

WWICJJ 2018 National Conference attendees were invited to dine aboard the Delta King Riverboat Hotel in Old Sacramento on Oct. 16.

You will be right at the center of an interactive murder mystery while feasting on delicious local eats.

At this theater, the actors are planted with the guests and the show is played at the banquet seating, not on a stage.

Three to four murders are scripted each night around the dinner, and everyone is a suspect.

It’s a dazzling scene played out on the picturesque Sacramento River, a skipping-stones’ throw from vibrant entertainment and boardwalk shops.

And just when you settle into the scene….

Gunshots Ring Out! …the room grows silent…

The mystery begins. Welcome to an adventure in dining comedy! Keep your eyes open, watch for  strange behavior, take notes, and question all suspicious  looking people.  Trust no one!!  As you are reading  this introduction, criminal forces may already be at  work.  You may already be in danger. Any clues you find  (tangible evidence)  you must tell the detective. But if you  have a hunch, keep it to yourself . There is a prize for the  one who can solve the mystery.   Don’t feel  bad if you’re clueless!

Just have a great time!


Food: The entrees to choose from are beef, pork, chicken, or pasta. All dinners will be served with salad, dinner rolls, and dessert.

Location: 1000 Front Street, Old Sacramento

Date: October 16, 2018.

Arrival: 6 p.m. The adventure begins at 6:30 pm.

Price: $53.25 per person (tax included)

Only 150 tickets were available.


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