Speaker announcement: Keith Bushey

Bushey, Keith edited.jpg

“We must never give up on the continued development of a person who is vested with the honor of leading our personnel,” Keith Bushey, a 50-year veteran of the law enforcement profession, said.

Bushey, a senior faculty emeritus with the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, has written and lectured extensively about leadership and will present at two breakout sessions.

In “Leadership Through Challenging Times,” Bushey will provide solid and beneficial guidance regarding best practices for when a leader is facing particularly challenging times, including when under personal scrutiny and criticism. Bushey will present information that will go far beyond the philosophical and will emphasize actions, mannerisms, demeanor, statements and actions to both exhibit and avoid. The behavior and actions of a person who is “under the gun” is very often a strong indication of a person’s character, level of maturity and potential for increased responsibilities.

In “The Dangers and Impact of Toxic Leadership,” Bushey will discuss the implications, prevention and eradication of toxic leadership. “Toxic leadership is a far more serious problem than is often acknowledged, and very often has serious implications beyond the workplace for not only employees, but their families as well,” Bushey notes. He will place emphasis on the role of those who supervise and command people who exhibit toxic behaviors, and the strategies and degrees of courage and leadership skills necessary to eliminate toxic behaviors. Attendees will take away a very clear understanding of the wide scope of damage done by toxic leaders and a commitment to transcend from and eliminate such behaviors from our workplaces.

Keith Bushey retired from the Los Angeles Police Department as a commander and from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy chief. He also served as a deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, as a deputy game warden with the California Department of Fish and Game, as the Marshal of San Bernardino County, and a law enforcement advisor to the District Attorney of Los Angeles County.

Bushey is also a U.S. Marine Corps veteran of 39 years of active and reserve service, and retired at the rank of colonel. He has written and lectured extensively, primarily in the areas of leadership, management, and ethics, and is a senior faculty emeritus with the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association. He holds a Master of Science degree in Public Service and is a graduate of the California POST Command College.


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