Speaker announcement: Sue Kenfield


Women leaders in traditionally male-dominated professions encounter unique opportunities. Those who achieve excellence in leadership do so through a combination of innate strengths and learned skills.

Sue Kenfield, president of See It Thrive, will lead two interactive and empowering sessions. “Achieving Excellence in Leadership will explore and enhance successful leadership qualities, identify essential leadership behaviors, and provide participants the opportunity to:

  • effectively transcend the challenges common to women leaders in corrections,
  • strengthen the leadership qualities distinctive to women,
  • improve their approach to dealing with the derailers of leadership success,
  • and learn how to proactively develop the next generation of female leaders.

Women currently in leadership or aspiring to become a leader will benefit from this session.

Kenfield notes that conflict  is a naturally occurring phenomenon any time you have people working together. It can often go unaddressed due to a lack of confidence or competence. How you manage and transcend conflict impacts your influence and credibility. How it gets resolved is critical to achieving the desired performance. In “Skillfully Mastering Conflict” Kenfield will lead a fun and interactive session to help you proactively choose to deal with conflict in order to manage it constructively, whether that conflict is between peers, leadership and staff, or between departments. Participants in this session will:

  • increase their understanding of different approaches to conflict,
  • enhance their confidence to address conflict with peers and subordinates,
  • learn how to lead their way through to effective resolutions,
  • and develop effective strategies to manage conflict within the complexities of the current workplace.

Anyone who works with others and wants to improve their conflict-management skills will benefit from this session.

Sue Kenfield, M.A. president of See It Thrive, specializes in strengthening leadership and transforming dysfunctional human dynamics within organizations, communities and with individuals. She empowers people and organizations to maximize their success by improving leadership, communication skills, team dynamics, and emotional/behavioral intelligence skills.

Kenfield has been professionally involved in the area of human behavior for 25 years and brings more than 20 years of successful experience in management, training, strategic planning, business development and consulting. Her clients, among them the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, benefit from her real-world knowledge, experience, wisdom and unique insight.

Kenfield masterfully applies her knowledge and experience in a compelling manner to elevate and maximize organizational and individual performance to achieve greater success.

Kenfield has a Master’s degree in counseling and completed her coaching training at The Coaches Training Institute and College of Executive Coaching. She is a certified administrator of multiple performance improvement assessments. Kenfield is a highly regarded speaker, consultant, trainer, facilitator and executive coach.


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